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You Matter Sweatshirt


Sometimes hearing that you matter can turn a really bad day to a better one. Wearing this support message can facilitate meaningful human connections that help to promote positive mental health. Show that you care. Your support can mean the...

It's OK Not To Be OK Sweatshirt


Having a bad day or being sad is not a sign of weakness. It does get all a bit too much for all of us and whatever society forces us to think, it's ok to not to be ok. It's...

Feelings Are Just Visitors Mug


Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go. It is ok to feel your emotions, but don’t let them take over your life and affect other things you do or love to do. Experience an emotion, feel it, then...

End The Mental Health Stigma Fitted T-Shirt


What do we want? End the mental health stigma! When do we want it? Now! How do we want it? By spreading the word. Mental health stigma needs to end. Now. 100% cotton t-shirt. Pre-shrunk to make sure your size...

You Are Enough Fitted T-Shirt


You are enough, just as you are, just as you were made to be. You are enough and don't let anybody to tell you otherwise. Show your support or make a statement with this stigma busting awareness piece. • 100%...

Mental Health Matters Backpack


Mental Health Matters. Every person has the right to quality mental health support where and when they need it. Every person has the right to discuss mental health issues without shame and fear. Show support by standing up for mental...

Proud To Be Me Fitted T-Shirt


You’ve survived everything life has thrown at you, and some of it has been really, really tough. You’ve learned a lot in your lifetime, and you’ve gotten better and better at a lot of things. You’ve helped other people. You’ve...

Ghost Hug Sweatshirt


You can't feel it but it's there. Suffering from mental health issues can be a lonely experience. Show someone you're there for them by wearing this support statement piece. A sturdy and warm sweatshirt bound to keep you warm in...

Not Today T-Shirt


Follow the footsteps of Arya Stark and make strong statement with this Game of Thrones-themed fitted t-shirt. Spread the word about mental health and bust the stigma with this fierce statement piece. What Do We Say To Mental Health Stigma...

Self-Care Is Not Selfish Gym Bag


“Self-care is never a selfish act—it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer to others.” It's a must-have gym essential that can be worn as a backpack with...

Kindness Is Free Tank Top


Kindness is free to give, but priceless to receive. Share the wisdom and show support with this classic mental health awareness piece! A classic, all-purpose unisex tank. A timeless classic intended for anyone looking for great quality and softness. •...

It's Not Your Fault Sweatshirt


Everyone needs a go-to, cozy sweatshirt to curl up in, so go for one that's soft, smooth, and stylish. It's also perfect for cooler evenings! A sturdy and warm sweatshirt bound to keep you warm in the colder months. A...