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Be Kind Always Fitted T-Shirt


The sad thing is, nobody ever really knows how much anyone else is hurting. We could be standing next to somebody who is completely broken and we wouldn’t even know it. So be kind, always. With yourself and with others....

Boring Self-Care T-Shirt


Self-care isn't always glamorous. Self-care is the scenes activities that help us manage those crazy schedules and maintain our mental health. Self-care is a discipline and sometimes it's boring. But it's a necessary. Your typical 100% cotton t-shirt (except for...

Brave & Kind Fitted T-Shirt


Being nice is good but being kind is better. Kindness makes us feel vulnerable and it takes courage. Above all, kindness asks us to extend ourselves — to reach out, to be exposed, to open ourselves to ridicule, and to...

End The Mental Health Stigma Fitted T-Shirt


What do we want? End the mental health stigma! When do we want it? Now! How do we want it? By spreading the word. Mental health stigma needs to end. Now. 100% cotton t-shirt. Pre-shrunk to make sure your size...

Feel Your Feels Fitted T-Shirt


Feelings exist whether we want them to or not. We can learn to regulate them, chose to assign them meaning or importance and process them, but we cannot deny them. Honour your feelings — give them the space and respect...

Feelings Are Just Visitors Fitted T-Shirt


Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go. It is ok to feel your emotions, but don’t let them take over your life and affect other things you do or love to do. Experience an emotion, feel it, then...

I'm Here For You Fitted T-Shirt


The worst part of the struggle with mental health issues is the isolation we often feel. There's a stigma around mental health issues so discussing our problems often does not feel like an option. This subtle reminder can show that...

It's A Disorder Not A Decision Fitted T-Shirt


It's a disorder, not a decision.  The realisation of this truth can set you free.  One of the hardest parts of any type of life struggle is that we are totally alone in the burden of saving ourselves. We can...

It's Not Your Fault Fitted T-Shirt


It's not your fault. It's not your fault. It's not your fault. It. Is. Not. Your. Fault. Remind yourself and others as many times you need to. Mental health issues and mental health issues are not your fault. Your typical...

It's Ok Not To Be Ok Fitted T-Shirt


Having a bad day or being sad is not a sign of weakness. It does get all a bit too much for all of us and whatever society forces us to think, it's ok to not to be ok. It's...

Keep Going T-Shirt


No matter what you do, no matter how many times you screw up and think to yourself ''there is no point for carrying on'', no matter how many people tell you that you can't do it- Keep going, Don't quit....

Love Wins Fitted T-Shirt


Love Always Wins "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." Martin Luther King, Jr. Your typical 100% cotton t-shirt (except for heather colors, which contain 10% polyester). Pre-shrunk...

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