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Mental Health Community

By: :Hope Tribe 0 comments
Mental Health Community

Mental Health Support Groups & Communities

In the past few years, mental health has become an important discussion topic.                                                                                                                                      

This is mainly due to the number of charities and individuals who spread the word on social media on the importance of mental health. 

We at the Hope Tribe want to join in the conversation around mental health by providing a range of platforms to form a friendly and supportive community. Join us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest

One of our key goals with this site is to provide a hub for those who seek information on mental health issues and we'd like to share a few platforms where you can join established communities that formed around the topic of mental health issues, suicide prevention, supporting loved ones with mental illness and support. 

Research suggests that people with mental health issues have difficulties developing good support networks. It is not easy to find support if you have strained relationships with friends and family. So, where can you find support? Here are some ideas.

Mental Health Support Groups & Communities

  • The Mighty: a digital health community created to empower and connect people facing health challenges and disabilities.
  • 18 Percent: free, peer-to-peer online support community
  • Pacifica: mobile app that offers peer support groups for stress, anxiety & depression. Join the community and find support today. 
  • Find a support group on 


Anxiety & Phobia Support Groups & Communities

Depression Support Groups & Communities

BPD Support Groups & Communities

Bipolar Support Groups & Communities


Eating Disorder Communities

PTSD Communities 

Do you know a support group you'd like to add to the listings? Get in touch via email


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