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Are you an artist, an author or a mental health ambassador? Join the Tribe!

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Are you an artist, an author or a mental health ambassador? Join the Tribe!

We'd love to invite with socially aware artists and activists to join us on our mission of ending the stigma around mental health issues and mental illness.                                                                                       

Spreading the word about mental health issues is our core mission. Our vision is a stigma-free global future and we seek any contributors who feel strongly about the mental health initiative.  We care deeply about the mental health community and we'd like to give all contributors the opportunity to share their art, their point of view or awareness campaign details. 


What we can do for artists

  • Promotion - To be featured in our advertising campaigns, email marketing, events and social media 
  • We can introduce your work on our website with link to your shop, blog and social media - free of charge.  You don't even have to commit to sell anything on our website, we can just feature your work as part of our mission to help artists who focus on mental health issues.  
  • You can of course sell your design on Hope Tribe products if you don't have an online shop - we can arrange this for you. 


What we can do for authors, bloggers, mental health ambassadors, mental health professionals, social workers and activits 

  • Write a story for our blog - we give you full credit and link to your site and share your credits on social media and in our email marketing
  • Speak at a Hope Tribe event 
  • Let us know of your campaign and we can feature it on our social media, blog and emails 


Get in touch via email if you'd like to work with us. 


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